Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, another update...

... with more to come soon. I have a few things to add later on in addition to these new blog additions. But, for now, check the blogs out.

Oh! Me friggin' nerves!


Compulsive Overreader



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Saltwater Joys said...

Hi yah,

My blog Saltwater Joy's has a new url..


Sorry for the annoyance.. tehe

TrudyJ said...

Hey ... I made Hypergraffiti into a real blog and you added it without me even asking! Is that the coolest thing ever OR WHAT?!?!? Thanks so much...

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Trudy: I was told about your changes by a visitor to the site and added it right away. It's a welcomed addition and I'm happy to finally get it in there.

Saltwater: No problemo; It's been updated.