Thursday, December 13, 2018

Still Rolling

Even though this is mainly a blog to help find other blogs, I wanted to post something in 2018, and this is not a post just for the sake of doing so either. It's to note that some work has been done around these parts over the past few weeks; new blogs were added, totally dead links removed, and some general cleanup has taken place. But really I wanted to post as a way to ensure any visitors stopping by know that this place still continues to roll on. More importantly, as you'd quickly see by browsing the BlogRoll below, there are many out there who are still blogging away, which is what gives reason to keep this thing alive in the first place.

The full database of blogs I've maintained over the years contains nearly 700 links. Yes, many of those are dead links now, but I'm always amazed about the number of sites I've enjoyed since launching in January 2006. There are still 500 accessible blogs linked on this page, albeit many have not been updated in several years. The really long timers I keep in the Not Recently Updated BlogRoll below, but I'm always checking to see if any pop to the top with a new update. I do move them to the main roll again when I see that happen. The main list itself has over 250 blogs, with most being updated within the last 6 months. The list order is constantly changing, driven solely by individual desires of each person who maintains each blog. I kind of love that. Every day is a new adventure as you check out who is posting what, and it's really great to see people return after being away for a long time - like me now, really. Who knows? Maybe this late 2018 post of mine will be seen by other dormant bloggers, and it will spark them to do their own updates. Could happen. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the list just in case, watching for them to pop to the top. In the meantime, there is plenty around here to keep me entertained... and actually, with that said, I'm off to browse the rolls right now. You get the idea - we're still here.

Blog on you bloggers, blog on!

OH! And if you're a blogger from Newfoundland and Labrador and your blog is somehow not on this list yet, please be sure to let me know!