Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/29 - 08/04 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 29th to August 4th, 2012 is 'BriscoPhoto'. For some, photography and blogging go hand in hand, and I have to agree that it is a perfect way to get your photos out there for the world to see and comment on. This particular blog has been created to showcase the street photography of Brian Scott, who sets out to document  life in St. John's (among other places) using his keen eye. With many other local photographers focusing on the rugged beauty of the landscapes in this wonderful province, Brian provides something equally beautiful, but perhaps a bit more unique. In the case of photography and photo blogs however, seeing is believing, so head on over to check things out!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/22 - 07/28 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 22nd to the 28th, 2012 is 'Corner Brook Running Club'. With the Tely 10 having taken place today, I figured it would be pertinent to focus on a related blog this week. Running and Jogging seems to have taken off in this province over the past few years, and it apparently isn't localized to the capitol city only, evident with this weeks featured selection. The CB Running Club blog's main purpose is to post any recent information on the club, which itself exists to 'promote running for fun, fitness and competition in the city and surrounding area'. It certainly does a great job with that! With lots of information found inside, frequent postings and a great network for any related resources, this site is another great addition to the blogging fitness fanatics in the province. Check it out!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/15 - 07/21 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 15th to the 21st, 2012 is 'Nain Bay'. There are very few blogs listed within our community here that come from, or focus on, any aspect of the 'Big Land'. When coming across this week's selection while browsing over the past few days, I knew it had to be featured for that very reason. Labrador does not receive much focus in discussions of our province after all, especially the far north regions of the vast land. The blogger of this space provides great insight into living in such a place, and what's most interesting to me is that he also provides an outside perspective into Nain Bay, as he is originally from Australia. There is a large variety of posts contained within this wonderful web log; discussions ranging from political rants to random lifestyle items. It's definitely one which should be visited whenever the chance is available. How about now? Head on over!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/08 - 07/14 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 8th to the 14th, 2012 is 'Root Cellars Rock!'. This blog is the online presence for an extremely valuable provincial project hosted by the Food Security Network of Newfoundland Labrador. The blog itself is a space for the sharing of local food knowledge and for helping provide access to learning resources. There is certainly a large amount of information contained within, which could keep any interested party informed and entertained for days. It also provides individuals with the ability to discuss their own idea's and resources, as if there's one thing that this blog does, it is facilitate discussion. Bravo to the The Root Cellars Rock! Advisory Committee and their passion for the local food system. Without them, we would probably not have such a wonderful addition to the blogosphere, which of course you should be off visiting now. Click the pic and away you go!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/01 - 07/07 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 1st to the 7th, 2012 is 'Zombies Wearing Helmets'. It has to be admitted that at least half the reason why this blog was selected this week was due to the title, which blogger Leah says is because she "adores those naughty little munchers so gosh darn much". Don't get the wrong idea though; this blog doesn't solely revolve around Zombies. It actually doesn't surrender itself to any single meme and stands as a true Mixed Bag of a blog. It does tend to lean towards craft and entertainment items, however, which the author writes enthusiastically about frequently. This space is a lovely little addition to our community here and one well worth checking out. Get on that now, won't ya!