Sunday, July 05, 2009

Blog of the Week : 07/05 - 07/11 2009

The 'Blog of the Week' for July 5th to July 11th 2009 is "Elfshot: Sticks and Stones". Like last weeks selection, this blog is a fairly new addition to the roll and a very welcome one. It's the first of it's kind (with it's kind being archeologically inclinded) to be added to the listing. Until Tim Rast and Elfshot came around, there was no blog representation for the archeology community in the province. While this space of Tims is more used as exposure for his wonderful home made crafts, it also features a varity of posts on the overall subject of archeology and craft making in general. A must visit for fellow enthusiests!

Go on, click the pic!

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Tim Rast said...

Thank you Stephen - and thanks for all your work setting up and maintaining the NL Blogroll. Its a great resource for readers and a definite asset for bloggers.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It's my pleasure Tim. I enjoy every minute of the time spent here. Thanks for stoppin' by!

Gravestone Inscriptions said...

Thanks Stephen- My every time every minute very enjoying. Garden stones are a lovely way to add color and interest to any type of garden. tombstone memorial