Sunday, February 26, 2017

Keep Calm and Blog On

Even after 11 years of collecting and promoting blogs from Newfoundland and Labrador, I am still amazed by how many are out there. Our province is not heavily populated after all, and with platforms like Facebook and Twitter having already taken over all things social media, it's pretty amazing to see so many still kicking around. There are nearly 500 blogs listed on this page, and sure, some have been dormant for years, but over half have been updated in the last year; many of those in the last month. The main blogroll below lists them by most recent update. Take a peak and you'll see several updated within the last 24 hours even - at any point of reading this post.

I wanted to give an update, to let visitors know that I have spent quite a bit of time over the past few months cleaning things up around these parts. Several new additions were added, and several dead links removed, plus other big tweaks and adjustments to the rolls below. The story of the day, however, is that I have finally created the two new categories I've been wanting to create for seemingly forever now: FOOD / COOKING and HEALTH / FAMILY. There was such a large number of blogs with these themes in the other categories, I just had to split them out, and I'm glad it's finally done. Check out the new category mini rolls below, and they have their own sections as well if you prefer.

Visiting every blog in the list, and re-categorizing many of them, was quite time consuming, but I gotta say; what a ride! So, so, many awesome blogs out there, some of which have been listed here for a long time. Others are brand new, and this is something I find truly inspiring. New bloggers continue to be born every day it seems, giving me hope that this community will remain alive and fresh for many years to come.

To the bloggers both new and old: keep on bloggin' on!