Wednesday, May 06, 2009

5 New Blogs and Some News

There was a bit of an influx in additions this week, which of course I love to see. In fact, with these 5 new additions we have reached 150 once again. 151 in fact. Yay! With this comes the news I refer to in the title. I've decided to limit the number of blogs that show in the roll to 150. Of course, this will only apply to those who choose to display the full list on their blog, instead of in a scrollable box or not at all. This will hopefully encourage our members to be pinging their blog whenever they post so that it shows up on top of the list. It will also help free up some space on those who are displaying the list when we reach the 200 mark again... which we will do; Right? Right!

While we wait for those 49 to roll in, be sure to check out the newbies:

Newfoundland Products, Services and Businesses

Townie Eats

Truth & Fiction

Prairie Girl in Newfoundland

I Shop And Tell

Play Nice!

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Table Mountains said...

new discovery.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks TM. I have it added now!