Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neglected Newbies

It turns out that setting up a new email address for the blog roll to keep things organized kinda back fired. With new emails not coming to my main email address as a friendly reminder to myself, the addition of some new blogs have been neglected... until today. My apologies to those who have been waiting for a while to get this done.

Without any further delay, here are the newest additions:

Inkys Part of the Rock

On The Rock Live

Dear Aunt Nancis

Twisted Sister

Journeys in Eternity

Ferry Tales

AND we have one blog coming back to the roll after it went off the air for a brief period:

Welcome back!

To everyone else, please take the time to visit the newbies and say hello while you're there!

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greg said...

I do not see listed in the Blogroll. Am I overlooking it or was it not added?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I'm pretty sure I listed it, but I'll check in on it none the less. Be sure that you are pinging your blog as well. There's a link on the side there with where you can go to do that. Perhaps you are at the bottom of the list right now...

... I'll check the roll in the meantime...