Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog of the Week : 04/18 - 04/24 2010

The 'Blog of the Week' for the week of April 18th to April 24th 2010 is "The Grumpy Goat Gallery"; an extremely colorful blog out of Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland.   This space is the online presence for 2 artists (Cara and Pam) from the area and features a collection of beautiful work from these two.  With images and descriptions of many of their incredible pieces, this is the one stop shop for a collection of wonderful artwork from local artists.   I highly recommend visiting to check them all out for yourself!  Click the pic and away you go!


Karen said...

Yay! This is in my top 5 of the best Newfoundland blogs.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I agree Karen. It is a lovely place to visit. Love the art there. Very vibrant!