Thursday, January 06, 2011

NL Bloggers Choice Award

The Newfoundland Labrador Bloggers Choice award is back and better than ever! Well, better than year one. This is only it's second year... but you get the point. Year two of this initiative features a dramatic shift in it's operation. I've decided, now that we have all the blogs categorized, it only makes sense to have winners for each separate grouping. So that's what we've done! That's right, now up to 10 winners will be chosen each year by their peers, deemed a NL Bloggers Choice Blog and featured heavily apon this site.

Here's how it will work:
  • Each category listed to the right will have 3 blogs carefully selected based on many elements; design, content, frequency of posting, etc, etc and solely at the discretion of the organizer of this list (for the first year anyway).
  • These blogs will then be put up for vote and voting is quite simple. All one must do is reply to the voting thread listing their choice(s). It'll be as simple as that. There is one slight addition however; certain value is applied to the type of blogger who replies:
    • Anonymous voters will be worth 1 point. They can't be ignored, but shouldn't be overvalued (and flood control will be applied just for good measure).
    • Logged / linked in voters will be worth 5 points, as to me the non-anonymity of these votes are worth more.
    • Votes from fellow NL Bloggers currently listed on the roll will be worth 10 grand points. These are our true peers after all and adding this interactivity will only be a bonus in the end.
  • Then, after a week of voting, the blog with the highest number of points in each category wins: Simple, well somewhat simple, but effective. :)
All this will commence sometime very soon and further details even sooner than that. Just wanted to let everyone know that I think we're in for a fun ride. I'm hopin' so anyway!

As always, stay tuned...


baygirl32 said...

looking forward to it!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Me too! I'll be a couple weeks before I get things moving but it should be a good time when it does start!

Greg Pike said...

What are the categories?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey Greg, thanks for droppin' by. All the categories that we're using are found on the left hand side bar. I'll be adding more navigation options and more in the future, but for now you can scroll down them all there.

Hope that helps!

Greg Pike said...

So my understanding is that the categories are as follows:

- Political / Commentary
- Photography
- Mixed Bag
- Art / Craft / Design
- Entertainment / Media
- Personal / Journal
- Health / Family
- Sport Recreation
- Reading / Writing / Books
- Technology
- Travel / Tourism
- Food
- Business / Commercial
- Educational

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Yupper Greg, those look about right. We'll have an award for each of those... or I may combine a couple depending on the number in each. We'll see.

I'm currently going through the selection process for the awards and there's a lot of blogs to go through. It's taking a little longer than I was expecting, but I'll get there.

Jennifer said...

Very cool!