Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog of the Week : 03/13 - 03/19 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of March 13th to the19th, 2011 is 'The Owlery Chronicles'. This mixed bag of a blog is from the mind of a 'writer, photographer, animal rescuer, world wanderer and non conformist' living is St. John's. The Owelette brings many viewpoints to her space on the web as her blog is filled with a variety of random tidbits from entertainment items to posts on social concerns and personal opinions. As you scroll down through, you'll quickly realize that there are many items along the way to keep you entertained. In fact, I'm kinda late getting this posted today as I got caught up reading through her site... and furthermore, I'm going back! Join me won't you? Click the pic and away we go!

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The Owlette said...

Yay! Thanks NL Blog Roll!