Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surprise Spring Cleaning

What started as an attempt to add newly collected blog's, ended up being a full blown spring cleaning session. This was not something that I had in mind to do, but unfortunate circumstances forced the extra work upon me. In the end though, I think what resulted from the unfortunate times was a revitalized hub, making the work all the worthwhile.

It all began when I went to add newbies to the main list and the system wouldn't let me. I tried many things to rectify the situation up to and including a restart from scratch of a whole new list. It wasn't until I added about 180 blog's to that new list, that I realized the issue was the number of blog's being added. Apparently, the system now doesn't like lists that large (and we do have a large list). So with that, I got back to the drawing board on some new design and organizational ideas. What I've come up with is what you now see on the main hub. I've essentially split the list up into many different rolls, 3 of which are dedicated to frequency of posting; the most frequent updater's, the semi frequent updater's, and a list for the the not-been-updated-in-a-while folk. There is also a 4th list which is dedicated to the newest of the new to be added here. These few lists will be in constant flux I figure, as I move things around accordingly. You can check all those out in the right sidebar and while you're at it, check out the category lists which I've moved to the left hand side of the page.

I should also note that I've trimmed the list slightly as well. There were a small number of blog's which would not load anymore or were indicated as deleted. Those are no longer here, but we still have a total of 375 and that is absolutely awesome. That number does include a big bunch of newbies as well and I'll be posting more about that soon...

In the meantime, have a look around!

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