Friday, March 10, 2006

100+ NL Bloggers!

104 to be exact. Crazy. Who would have thunk? The last ones are again provided by The Smartmouth Mombie. Thanks Chris.

Here's the newest.

Greg Pike

The Truth About Cats and Dogs in Black and White

The Cricket Debacle

Penny's Centsless Thoughts

Our Place in Canada

Froggie Meanie

Just a boy from Newfoundland

Ultimate Journal of Phil

Now I have to spend some time contacting people and then going through and removing dead links and/or un-updated blogs. I'll start with a year or more without posts... if there are any on here like that. Perhaps 10 months? Hmmm... decisions, decisions. I like the complete list but, if they're never updated, what's the point?

I'll figure it out...

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Chris (mombie) said...

You are quite welcome.

Would you like some help pruning the list? Or emailing new additions? Just let me know.

Kelly said...

So . . . this isn't about dogs?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Nope. It's about blogs from the Canadian province of Newfounland and Labrador. The one to the far east.

Chris, I think I have it covered for now but, if it gets much bigger, I'll certainly let you know. Thanks!


Greg said...

The "/blog/" part at the end of actually goes no where.

All you need is the domain name.