Sunday, March 05, 2006

Think we'll make 100?

With today's addition, we have 86 blogs in our roll. That's pretty freakin' impressive... albeit, , some of these blogs are rarely updated. That's okay though, we still have a high number of those that are and it may very well inspire these non bloggers to do so again. Who knows?

Either way, I'd love to see 100 blogs from our fine province. When we do (unless it takes forever) that's when I'll prune the list to include only updated blogs... or find a way to mark those that aren't.

Anyway, here's today's addition:

Artist Chick

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Chris (mombie) said...

Hey Steve,

I'm putting a link to the blogroll on my page the next time I update. Here are a few blogs I don't think you have...

Writer Trudy J. Morgan Cole's blog -

Writer Lisa Moore's blog -

Writer Michael Winter's blog -

Writer/Actor/All around creative guy Kevin Woolridge's blog (he moved to London last fall but he's from here) -

Writer JoAnn Soper-Cook's blog -

Artist Brad Reid's blog -

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks for droppin' by Chris. I'll be sure to get those added to the roll as soon as possible however, I'm a little concerned about them being Newfoundland and Labrador blogs. I did visit them but couldn't find any profiles or anything.

There's not reason for me not to believe you but, I just want to make sure these are provincial blogs. Also, the first one mentioned is a website by the look of it and not so much a blog... but, I didn't have a chance to really look at it yet.

Anyway, I'll get to that soon...


Chris (mombie) said...

Hey Steve,

Trudy's site does have a blog on it, but there is not separate link to it. You click on the diamond shape next to the entry title on the left.

And I know for certain that Trudy, JoAnne, Brad and Kevin are from here because I know them.

Moore and Winter I don't know but Winter grew up here and now divides his time between here and Toronto and Moore lives here.

Anyway, I don't know what your criteria are, and I've got absolutely nothing invested in their inclusion so do with them what you will.

Great community you're building by the way, nice work.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks. I'm havin' a blast as I build and meeting some great people along the way.

The only criteria in place is that they must be at least from here and a blog. Simple as that and now that you've cleared things up for me (not that I was doubting but, meerly making sure) I'll get them added asap.

Thanks for the heads up!