Monday, October 27, 2008

The future of the BlogRoll

While we wait for the Blogroll to be functional again, I would like to open things up for discussion on how to improve on what we have going here. It's an interesting community that we've built and I think there are ways we could further reach out to one another.

One thing that I have in mind is to create a 'Blog of the Week' column on this site. Before the space was only used to discuss the comings and goings of blogs on the roll. I feel I should at least spend some time discussing those who stick around. I'm not exactly sure what this column will entail, but it's an idea and something that'll blossom on it's own I'm sure. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post a comment.

That goes for any ideas you have on how we can expand. Let me know what you think!

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Steve said...

I like the idea. How about a guest authoring feature? Once a week or so, have one of your Blogroll members write a post for the blogroll. It could be an original piece, or it could be an example post from their own blog. They could include an image of their home page and links back to their site.

The Blogroll is about sharing knowledge about the fact that the blog exists, right? I think this would certainly serve that purpose.

Robert said...

A featured blog would be a nice idea... it could draw some positive attention to those who toil without much fanfare.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Great idea Steve. A guest author would certainly help spruce this place up. Perhaps we could do a submission of articles kinda thing, posting here linking to there.

Hmm. Good stuff! I'll ponder on it.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I totally agree Robert. As soon as the blogroll kicks in gear, I'll get on the inaugural post for the blog of the week.

calvin said...

Great idiea. Like a mini, who's who of the Blogging world in Newfoundland and Labrador. Would be a great way to show who writes about what in the province.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey Calvin, I'm glad that you like the idea and if you have any other suggestions, don't hesitate to fire them out there!

Stay tuned!