Saturday, November 01, 2008

Coming Soon - Blog of the Week!

Well, it's been over a week since BlogRolling has updated their status page. I've been checking daily, anxious to have the service back so that we can progress with our community here. In the meantime, while I have no new news to share with regards to it starting back up again, I wanted to let you in on what the plan is for the previously mentioned 'Blog of the Week'.

Each week (on a not yet determined day), one blog from the roll will be randomly selected and designated as the 'Blog of the Week'. With that prestigious title will come a few perks including (but perhaps not limited to) one post about blog (on the not yet determined day) that will feature information about the blog (like a mini review) and a link to the site. In addition to this post (which will be archived forever and listed on the right hand side) we will have a section here on this blog dedicated to the 'Blog of the Week'. In this block, I will be posting an 'Ad' for the site (which essentially will be a 125x125 clickable screenshot of the blog) and directly below it will be a RSS feed listing the latest entries for said blog. This will stay there for 1 week, until a new blog becomes the chosen one.

I should note as well that any of my blogs on the list will not be taking part in this promotion. I feel that doing that would be a conflict of interests and besides, writing a review of your own blog is not an easy task... so I'm not gonna do it. I should also note that once a blog is listed, it will not be eligible for the blog of the week for at least 1 year. We have tonnes of blogs to cover and I want to give as equal coverage to as many as possible. The whole purpose of this venture is provide more exposure the blogs on the roll and I definitely think that this is one way that could help that.

What'dya think?

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