Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog of the Week : 04/19 - 04/25 2009

The Blog of the Week for April 19th to the 25th 2009 is 'Oh Me Nerves'; a blog with "ridiculous rants and boredom breakers" from Steve who is a Newfoundlander now living in New Brunswick. Steve is currently in the middle of posting his rants alphabetically with each new daily post beginning with a new letter... but backwards starting with Z. Great idea no? In addition to that great idea, one of my favorite things about this blog is the pictures in the top left corner which change depending on the page your on, and even then it could still be randomly generated, I'm not sure. Either way, the pics are great with some being hilarious.

Please click the pic about and take the time to check out this long time member of the roll. See what letter he's on today (should he not reach A by the time your reading this) and what pic you get.

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Steve said...

Hey Stephen! Thanks for choosing my blog this week...

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I struggle with writer's block on a regular basis. I certainly hope the added pressure of being featured here doesn't cause a bout of performance anxiety!!!


Stephen Eli Harris said...

I know the feeling, but I perhaps go on far longer spells of absence than yourself. I'm trying to break that habit though!

Glad to have you on the roll. Keep on musterin' along!