Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blog of the Week : 02/06 - 02/12 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of February 6th to the 12th, 2011 is 'Planting Dandelions'; a web space from the mind of Kyran Pittman, who is an author (and a proud Contributing Editor of Good Housekeeping magazine) from this province but, now living in the US. The blog is quite aesthetically pleasing with it's lovely design and is filled with with personal posts on being a writer, a mother, a wife and everything in between or beyond. The posts are very well written (not surprisingly considering her profession) making this site one well worth the visit... which you should do right now. Click the pic and follow Kyran as she shares her stories with us.


Kyran said...

Thanks so much, Stephen!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

My pleasure Kyran. Be well!