Friday, April 29, 2011

Blogger's Choice Awards Update

As the summer rapidly approaches, I'm becoming increasingly more aware of the fact that my intended launch date for the 2011 NL Bloggers Choice Awards is coming soon. To stop teasing with the start date, I can let you know that early June is what I've been targeting, but that's all I'll elaborate on for now. I will say that this now gives me roughly one month to get everything in order... which is good because, as I become more aware of the date, I realize how much work I have to do.

Having said that, I can report that I have accomplished a lot over the past few weeks as well. One of the main tasks checked of the list being the launch of a stand alone blog to handle the awards section of our community here (which can be found using the main menu above). This is where the voting and everything else related to the awards will be taking place when we fully launch and for now, there is some great information about last years fun times found within.

Beyond that, I'm trying to find the time to finalize all the single category pages which I've been creating. It was my intention to launch each one as I announce the winners of this years awards, so I have to focus on getting that done in the next few weeks. More importantly, I also have to make final decisions on the three choices per category that will be going up for vote. This has actually turned out to be the most difficult task of all. There are just too darn many great blogs here, and picking only three in each category is really tough... really,  really tough. I'll have to set a deadline for myself, or perhaps recruit and outsider to decide for me. That may work...

While I decide, I'll leave you with that as another update from the land of the NL Bloggers Choice Awards. I do realize that I've been teasing you with it for months but... who doesn't like a good tease, right?  :)

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