Thursday, April 28, 2011

Expanded Social Network

In effort to further connect the bloggers of Newfoundland and Labrador, I've put a lot of time expanding our online social network as of late. Until now, it has always been in my mind to refrain from diving too deep into the other platforms in effort to help preserve this 'old fashioned' strait up way of blogging. As everyone knows, applications like Facebook and Twitter (and the million others) have sucked most of the 'true' bloggers away and I didn't want to help that along any faster than it was already moving.

Then I thought, there's over 200 blogs listed within this blogroll, a tiny piece of the 'interweb', one with a focus on a single province in a single country. This could only mean that there's tonnes of bloggers left out there! So with this thought in my head, I hit the social networks (and hit them hard) and instead of fear them, I embraced them:

FaceBook Fan Page
This is really something I should have perhaps done long ago but, it's better late than never. The NL BlogRoll now has a facebook fan page. Be sure to head on over there are 'like it'... if you do. :)

Empire Avenue
This is the newest network in which the NL BlogRoll has been listed and is perhaps the most exciting at the moment. It's a rather new platform whereby people actually buy virtual shares into your social network. They essentially invest in you. I'm finding it a fantastically fun way to help promote this blog and the community found within. I also whole- heartedly recommend it to any social media nut out there.

As mentioned in one of the last posts, I do have a Twitter account which I use to help network with fellow Newfoundland and Labrador Tweeps. This is a personal account however (as a disclaimer) and not all my tweets will be NL BlogRoll tweets... just so you know.

All in all, I've been pretty busy hitting the virtual streets to try and get the word out more about this awesome community we have here. I've even created a YouTube channel associated with this place where I'm going to continue collecting random vids related to this province. This whole venture of mine is not only one to help promote blogs afterall, but also one to help spread the word about this wonderful corner of the universe I call home. Let's see how much this new social networking expansion helps out with that!

Oh, and don't worry, I'm still doing my part (we all are) to help prove that 'old fashioned' blogging ain't dead yet. Stick with it!

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