Saturday, October 01, 2011

Vote Closed - What's Next

The end of September has come and with it the end to voting in the 2011 Blogger's Choice Awards. Here comes the fun (and/or scary) part; counting the votes. With upwards of a 1000 votes cast in the past couple weeks, spread over the 10 categories, I have a bit of work on my hands. If only I made it simple and excluded the points system this would be no sweat but, with the 3 tiered system in place, the nominees are going to have to hang tight while I get this done. What's a voting session without some tension as we wait right? :) Hang in there folks, the winners will be unveiled next week!

In other news, the Blog of the Week initiative will launch again later this month after a several month hiatus. Be sure to stay tuned every Sunday when we do launch, as a new blog each week (of the over 300 listed) will be featured.

Also, to those who have requested to be added to the BlogRoll in the past few weeks, thanks for being patient. You'll all be added not long after the winners of these awards are counted and unveiled. Hang tight!

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