Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog of the Week Returns Sunday

As declared in my previous post, the Blog of the Week initiative will return in just 2 days. I have to say, I'm quite excited to finally be returning to this. It's an aspect of the site that I was always fond of doing each week, as it was one that helped expose me personally to a lot of great blogs. I'm glad that I finally have things reorganized around here so that I can get back at visiting and selecting, especially considering all the incredible blogs I noticed while visiting during that reorganization. I'm definitely going to have difficult times choosing the weekly selections... or maybe the wealth of awesomeness out there will make it easy. There's an argument there I'm sure...

For those not in the know, each Sunday a new blog (from the nearly 400 that we have listed here) will be chosen and promoted for the duration of the week. The sidebar will feature the blog along with a feed of their most recent offerings, not to mention a post here which gives vistitors the gist of what the selected blog is all about.  You can read much more about it here and really, seeing is understanding anyway, so be sure to check back on Sunday to see this weeks selection!

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