Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Blog Additions

Those who have been enjoying the Blog of the Week selections over the past couple of months may have noticed that none were selected this past Sunday. The reason being is that I decided to focus attentions this week to new blog additions. With so many email requests having built up, this is in fact long overdue. In a blog community as large as this one currently is, it's hard to imagine there are more blogs out there that haven't been listed yet... but there are. The 42 new additions in this update prove that, and this after a year of already heavy adding. I'm quite impressed.

As always, the blogs have been listed in all the applicable rolls on this main hub (the New Additions roll and their applicable mini roll) and also listed on the main roll of their applicable individual category page.

So I now leave it to you, the visitor, to continue doing just that; go visiting further. The newbies are listed below!

The Mighty Aglet The Cro's Nest
Wendy Shirran Ceramic Art NL Kitchen Garden
Avalon Painting The Simple Craft Diaries
Jeffapalooza Stange Duck
Digital Tom Shepp
So it goes… A Fine Balance
I am Funny Like That! Charles Pender
Betty and Lil NL Photogs
Official Jennifer McCreath Possibilities…
Castaways of Yesterday East of Cape Spear
Fabulous. Crazy. Beautiful Laura Bee Dot
Rockin' Knits Finding Health
DMW Coaching Mother Blogger
Darrell Sharpe Bojan's Blog
NL Parking Wars Iceberg Quest Blog
Treasure Island Caching Avalon Bicycling
I should have done this yesterday
On Da WAC: Confessions of a Newfie Welfare Rat
Champney's West Recreation Group
Reynolds' Thoughts and Fictions
Heart's Content Community Market
OUR TOWN - Clarenville


Nancy said...

Thanks Eli. I may not post often, but love the blogroll. Well done.

Brouly said...

there's many blog list here...

Lynne Butler said...

Thanks for adding my blog! I've been scrolling through the list and see that I have hours of enjoyable reading ahead of me. Great job guys.