Thursday, December 13, 2012

Updates and New Additions

Before listing all the new additions that were added to the site this evening, I wanted to remind any readers that the 2012 NL Blogger's Choice Awards will be coming soon. Having said that, it is likely that things will be postponed slightly, mostly due to the lack of nominations that have come in thus far. No, I'm not going to blame it on totally on the community, as the lack of available time to promote the nomination phase hasn't been good for getting things rolling. The past month has flown by for me and I don't really see things slowing down in the coming days or weeks. With that said though, Nominations will remain open for as long as needed. Please head on over to the Blogger's Choice Awards Section for more information and to nominate your favourite NL Blogs today.

December Newbies

Before you head out (or just after your done nominating), be sure to check out the newest additions to the blogroll as well, which are listed below and added to all the applicable sidebar rolls found throughout the site. Enjoy!

Trekkin' and Such

The Ice Flow

A Blade of Grass

Anarchy Newfoundland

Younger Grit

Liberty Manifesto NL

Paul Kinsman

Zach Wheeler Blog

Holly Momma

Caroline Clarke Blog

Labrador Spirit

NL Insider

Newfound Marketing – Newfoundland Marketing Company

Mud Songs

Food Alergies Etcetera

Richler Recipes

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