Monday, November 12, 2012

The 2012 Awards Session

The 2012 NL Blogger's Choice Awards are rapidly approaching, and this year's awards session will start a little differently than last. This year we're going to begin with a nomination period whereby people who visit the BlogRoll (be they friends, family or strangers) get to choose who will be put up for vote. The final choices for each category will then be carefully selected based on many elements; design, content, frequency of posting, etc. That part is much like last year.

Nominating a blog is pretty simple stuff. All anyone has to do is GO TO THIS PAGE HERE and post a reply with the URL you wish to nominate (or feel free to send a email to nlblogroll @ It's as easy as that.

As posted on that link, there are three rules for submissions:

1) The nomination must be a current member of the NL BlogRoll, in either of the categories.

2) We are asking that you do NOT nominate your own blog, as that sort of defeats the purpose of nominations. We strongly encourage you to convince someone else to nominate you, but just not doing so yourselves.

3) No Anonymous Nominations will be accepted, but if you'd rather not log in to submit your choice, then please email us at nlblogroll @

We'll be running this nomination period for approximately one month, bringing us to mid December with the actual awards session coming in January 2013.

Now, head on over to the hub page for the NL Blogger's Choice Awards and get nominating!

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