Saturday, March 21, 2009

Updates Not Showing on the Roll? Ping it!

PLEASE NOTE: The below information is not valid any longer. BlogRolling has shut down their service. Not all is lost however and this page will be updated soon with new information. Check back soon!

If you spend any time at all looking at the BlogRoll, I'm sure you've noticed blogs relocating to the very tip of the roll with an *Updated* tag next to it. This happens when you post a new entry to your blog. I've set it this way to keep fellow members of the roll informed of our community updates and provide a little more exposure to those who are actively updating their spaces.

So I ask; have you ever wondered why your blog listing is not bumping to the top of the list when you post a new entry? I'm sure some of you have as I am aware that some blog updates are being bumped... and I know the reason why; your blog needs a PING.

What I mean by that is you must communicate with BlogRolling to let them know your site has been updated, so the system can update your listing. A lot of blogs can do this automatically, however I find these auto ping services do not speak to BlogRolling... for whatever reason. Maybe this is a bug that's being worked on with BR2, I don't know... but there is a solution in the meantime.....

Use BlogRolling's direct PING service.

All you have to do is go there, enter your Blogs URL and within minutes your listing will be updated in the roll. This is the one sure fire way to ensure everyone knows your blog was updated.

Use it!

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