Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog of the Week : 05/22 - 05/28 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of May 22nd to the 28th, 2011 is 'Colin Peddle Photography'. If there's one thing we have an abundance of here within our community, it's Photography blogs and each one is filled with a wealth of delighful images to paruse. Colin's space is no different. With his self professed desire to get 'the shots that stand up to the test of time' Colin is well equipped from his location in Torbay, Newfoundland to deliver some beautiful images, and deliver he has. As I scroll through the posts filled with wedding pictures, portaits and pics from a variety of events, what I personally notice most is Colin's ability to wonderfully capture the moments he has set his sights on. There's no doubt there's talent there and with that, there's really nothing else I can say. After all, pictures are mean't to be seen... so go see. :)

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