Saturday, May 14, 2011

Most New Blogs Ever!

Not since the initial stages of this Blogroll 5 years ago, have I added so many blogs in one update. It was rather exciting for me to come to the realization today that I had collected so many. Most of these newbies are coming from my recent hardcore dive into Twitter, and it wasn't until I started adding them that I discovered I had come across such a large number. It truly is a lovely thing to realize.

With that, I think you all have some visiting to do! Tell them the NL BlogRoll sent ya. :)

Blood and Cupcakes NL Stuff
Just a Foodie Sin John's
Etching Postcards atlantic whispers
Murray Premises Hotel Remix 86
VeroZero Zone Root Cellers Rock
Never Eat a Dinosaur Daily Hundred
Displaced Townie Girl Dreams in Code
oh lauren marie. My Tech Cloud
East Coast Foodie this is ordinary
the little world Wicks on Flicks
Scratching the Surface Hello Geri
Academicist The Adam Walsh World
Just 2 Crafty ShelCor
Below the Spruce Catt's Craftiness
I grew up near Empire Avenue
On The Rock Photography

See, that's a lot of new blogs!


Island Girl (Jenna) said...

Very cool to see so many locals blogging about their experiences in a myriad of themes and formats! Also great to see them all collected here under your BlogRoll. Well done!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey Jenna, thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments. I too love the community we have here and hope to see it continue to grow as it has.

Best wishes and keep on bloggin' on!