Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog of the Week : 03/27 - 04/02 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of March 27th to April 2nd, 2011 is 'Newfoundland Nature'. This is fairly new blog and is from the mind of 'T' who thinks Newfoundland is 'Awesome' and focuses his space on some 'cool aspects of the province's natural environment'. With spring officially here (but not apparent by looking outside), I thought it to be a good time to remind us all that there is an outdoors out there, and what better way to do that than point you to somebody who is very passionate about it. T's space is filled with interesting, informative posts on birds, bugs and the beautiful environments they exist in and like all the blogs here, it is well worth the visit. Don't take it from me though; head on over and check out the posts yourself. Oh, and be sure to welcome T to the Blogosphere while you're there! Click the pic and away you go...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

200 Plus Again!

It's always a happy day when I finally get a chance to add new blogs to the the community and today we have a hearty new group of additions; 9 in total. Each are now listed in the main roll to the left and the related category in the right sidebar.

Better still is the fact that by adding these newcomers we break the 200 total mark which is something we haven't done in years. We currently stand at 208 which is pretty close to breaking a record I think but, I'll have to check the history to see what I can find out for sure on that...

Meanwhile, I should stop blabbering and get to the newbies. You don't care about the numbers, you want the blogs... so here they are!  Be sure to check them all out, read a lot of posts and say hello while you're there. Enjoy!

Gillys Gab

Mike Mahoney  - Newfoundland Photographer

The Rural Lens

The Spice Who Loved Me

Poor Man’s Bike

The Fourth Corner

A Moving Tale

Sou'wester Soul

St. Patrick's Convent School

Yee haw!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog of the Week : 03/20 - 03/26 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of March 20th to the 26th, 2011 is 'Virtual School Meanderings'; an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in distance education within the K-12 system. The blog comes from Michael Barbour who originally hails from this province but currently resides in Michigan, and is inspired by his own frustrations with inadequate learning opportunities within rural environments. It's a fantastic resource from an obviously informed individual and is a great addition to our collection here. Be sure to check it out. Click the pic!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog of the Week : 03/13 - 03/19 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of March 13th to the19th, 2011 is 'The Owlery Chronicles'. This mixed bag of a blog is from the mind of a 'writer, photographer, animal rescuer, world wanderer and non conformist' living is St. John's. The Owelette brings many viewpoints to her space on the web as her blog is filled with a variety of random tidbits from entertainment items to posts on social concerns and personal opinions. As you scroll down through, you'll quickly realize that there are many items along the way to keep you entertained. In fact, I'm kinda late getting this posted today as I got caught up reading through her site... and furthermore, I'm going back! Join me won't you? Click the pic and away we go!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Blog of the Week : 03/06 - 03/12 2011

The Blog of the Week for the week of March 6th to the12th, 2011 is 'Own Your Food'. This space from a 'lifelong foodie' named Jennifer is a wonderful one for those who share such interests or just like to eat... and who doesn't? The blog is jam packed with unique recipes to try and they all come from a wide variety of influences. Some are unique to her, some modified from other well known peoples creations but, by the look of the pictures that accompany each post, they all look delightful. My mouth is watering as I type this as I'm sure yours will too as you peruse the site... which of course I'm going to tell you to do now. You won't find any delicious food ideas around these parts, so get clickin' and check out Jennifer's site! You won't be disappointed.