Sunday, July 01, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/01 - 07/07 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 1st to the 7th, 2012 is 'Zombies Wearing Helmets'. It has to be admitted that at least half the reason why this blog was selected this week was due to the title, which blogger Leah says is because she "adores those naughty little munchers so gosh darn much". Don't get the wrong idea though; this blog doesn't solely revolve around Zombies. It actually doesn't surrender itself to any single meme and stands as a true Mixed Bag of a blog. It does tend to lean towards craft and entertainment items, however, which the author writes enthusiastically about frequently. This space is a lovely little addition to our community here and one well worth checking out. Get on that now, won't ya!

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