Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/22 - 07/28 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 22nd to the 28th, 2012 is 'Corner Brook Running Club'. With the Tely 10 having taken place today, I figured it would be pertinent to focus on a related blog this week. Running and Jogging seems to have taken off in this province over the past few years, and it apparently isn't localized to the capitol city only, evident with this weeks featured selection. The CB Running Club blog's main purpose is to post any recent information on the club, which itself exists to 'promote running for fun, fitness and competition in the city and surrounding area'. It certainly does a great job with that! With lots of information found inside, frequent postings and a great network for any related resources, this site is another great addition to the blogging fitness fanatics in the province. Check it out!

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