Sunday, July 08, 2012

Blog of the Week : 07/08 - 07/14 2012

The Blog of the Week for July 8th to the 14th, 2012 is 'Root Cellars Rock!'. This blog is the online presence for an extremely valuable provincial project hosted by the Food Security Network of Newfoundland Labrador. The blog itself is a space for the sharing of local food knowledge and for helping provide access to learning resources. There is certainly a large amount of information contained within, which could keep any interested party informed and entertained for days. It also provides individuals with the ability to discuss their own idea's and resources, as if there's one thing that this blog does, it is facilitate discussion. Bravo to the The Root Cellars Rock! Advisory Committee and their passion for the local food system. Without them, we would probably not have such a wonderful addition to the blogosphere, which of course you should be off visiting now. Click the pic and away you go!

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