Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reviving Blogger's Choice Winners

It's been several months since the winners from the 2011 Blogger's Choice awards were announced and considering the year is almost over, I figured it was a good time to remind everyone who those winners were. In the coming weeks we'll be discussing and initiating this years awards, but I wanted to send out this little reminder of the current winners before we get intto that. Go on now, have a gawk!

Art / Craft / Food
WINNER: Norton's Cove Studio
This blog is a behind the scenes look at the art of printmaking from Janet Davis and friends.

Educational / Books
WINNER: Compulsive Overreader
From Trudy Morgan-Cole who loves to read and equally loves to discuss it on this blog.

Entertainment / Media
Greg posts things on his blog that his friends (and everyone likely) will enjoy.

Mixed Bag
WINNER: Oh Me Nerves
A blog of ridiculous rants on just about anything from Steve Melee.

Personal / Journal
WINNER: Travelling Infinity
This a wonderful personal site from Mandy Poole out of Stephenville Crossing

WINNER: Donna Ramsay
A lovely photo blog out of St. John's by Donna Ramsay (obviously).

Political / Commentary
WINNER: The Rural Lens
An informative blog dedicated to keeping Rural NL in focus.

Science / Technology
WINNER: Elfshot Sticks & Stones
An incredible archeological site from archaeologist and flintknapper Tim Rast.

Sport / Recreation
WINNER: NL Running
A very informative Running and multisport blog for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Travel / Business
WINNER: Gas and Oil
All about gas an oil issues as they pertain to this province, ran by George Murphy.

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