Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Few Fall Additions

Below are more lovely additions to the site, and these few will likely be the last new ones for the year. With only 2 months left to 2012 (as hard as that is to believe), I can't see many more requests to join coming in. Besides, I'll be focusing on the NL Blogger's Choice Awards which will be coming soon and, as of this update, everyone who is currently listed will have a chance to be a part of it... but I won't talk about that any more yet. For now, focus on the newbies below and go check them out! I'll get the the 2012 awards session soon enough...

Becoming Martha

A Pop of Pretty

My Dark Cove Pantry

My Little Piece of the Puzzle

Best dressed bride

Jason Holley

Annette Whelan Photography

Mia Penney Creative

I'll Rant and I'll Roar!

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