Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recruitment Post

To anyone who is not yet part of this collection of ours, join us. Post a comment to let me know that you're out there and you're in(when the list is up and running). The only qualifiers (if that's what you want to call it) is that you(r blog is) are in Newfoundland and Labrador or are(is) from Newfoundland and Labrador... as noted above.

To those already in the list, let any friends or family who may not know this place exist in on the secret. There's hundreds missing from here I'm sure.

To those who were part of this list before and want back in, post a comment and voila; it'll happen.

To everyone; Have a great day!


Barry Wheeler said...

Great site! :) I hail from the City of Corner Brook, and I've just launched my blog at http://www.barrywheeler.ca

Please add me to your blogroll!

Love the collection of Internet sites you have gathered.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks for stopping by Barry and for the kind comments. I'll be sure to add your blog when the system is up and running again. I have a few plans for this place, but they all hing on Blogrolling being up and running so we're in a stalemate here.

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Nice site, great resource, glad to be along for the ride *smiles*

Hope the 'up and running' thing happens for you, in the mean time I've syndicated the feed over at LJ so I won't miss it when you do :)