Wednesday, May 05, 2010


There's a couple of reminders I've been meaning to make for quite some time now and as I mentioned in my last post, I've reserved this week to do just that.  I can't believe how fast Wednesday has come actually....

Adding the BlogRoll List to Your Blog

I can't stress the importance enough of adding the actual blogroll to your own blogs.  The reason why this whole thing works so well is because it's a targeted (the main topic of course being Newfoundland and Labrador) interconnected list of blogs.  A portion of your traffic is most definitely coming from other blog owners who have the list on their site and the more that have the list, the more the traffic everyone will receive.  Without the connection, nobody is finding anyone and we certainly don't want that, right? 

Adding the code is very easy if your familiar with using your blogging software at all.  You just have to grab the code (which is here) and put it wherever you want on your site.  There's a couple of different display options for you to chose from as well.

I encourage everyone listed on the BlogRoll to do this.  There's a link about this on the main menu up top for future reference as well.

PING Your Blog

I should actually put this topic first in the post, but now that I'm on a roll here I'm going to keep rolling on...

It is highly, extremely, incredibly important to take the time and ping your blog; but not only pinging it using free services like or, but also BlogRolling itself.  This is the service that is hosting the BlogRoll and often times is not listed on those aforementioned free ping sites.

The key thing to keep in mind here is that, by doing this, you will bump your blog up to the top of the list letting everyone know that you've updated.  I'm sure you can see why this is a handy thing to do.  It's honestly the first thing I do when I hit submit on a new post.  Keep in mind that there are over 180 blogs listed here and at least half have the BlogRoll added to the page.  Pinging is important...

... and to close by return, you can now fully understand why adding the list to your own site is as well quite important.  The community thrives on it.

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