Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Choice Awards Launched!

Voting for the 2011 NL Bloggers Choice Awards has been launched! 10 threads have been posted in the Blogger's Choice Awards section, each listing 3 nominees to vote on. To cast your vote, simple reply to the thread with you choice and that's it. Note that you can do so in all the categories and please remember, only one vote per day per category. Voting closes at the end of September.

To those who have been nominated, feel free to shamelessly promote your nomination. :)

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this was a lot of work to put it together. Thanks for doing that and taking it on. I am a bit disappointed in that some of the nominees haven't actually posted for up to 4 weeks. But I guess any day would bring on different nominees. Good luck with it.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It was a lot of work indeed but work I love doing!

I understand your concern over the lack of posting on some of the sites recently, but I did my best in selecting active bloggers. At the time of selection (over a month ago) they had all posted recently and I did adjust the list slightly this week to ensure as many as I could were active... which they all generally are.

Regardless, there are no bad blogs on this site and it was an incredibly difficult time selecting only 30. Next year will be even tougher I'm sure.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some comments. Enjoy the voting in the meantime!

Barry C. Parsons said...

Haven't decided whether I'm feelin' the awards thing this year. Glad someone is doing it but I'm not getting the nominations; I agree you should have had a nominations process. The two winners from last year and undoubtedly two of the most popular blogs in the province are not even nominated? Come on! This just comes off as the result of the arbitrary opinion of one person and not the true voice of NL blog readership. A better, more open and inclusive process would add more credibility to these "awards". A best overall blog category is also glaringly absent, in my opinion.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey Barry, thanks for stopping by with some feedback. I always appreciate that but I am saddened to hear that you're not feeling it this year... especially where you're one of the nominees! :)

I do want to comment on the 'Arbitrary Opinon' comment though, because the selections I made were far from arbitrary. I'm a huge fan of every single one of these blogs listed here and have no bias towards anyone because of that. Selecting these blogs was very tough, which is why I set up some basic guidelines for myself in selecting them. It was a far from an 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe' kinda thing, but instead a process that had a very in depth weeding out criteria. You perhaps don't realize the OCD I have. LOL.

I do think I will instate a nomination period next year however, but I do fear it then becoming a popularity contest. This whole NL BlogRoll initiative started as a way to help us all find fellow bloggers. By ensuring not just the 'most popular' ones are up for vote ensures a bigger variety of blogs are given the chance to be discovered. This awards initiative is not about who is most popular to me, but about those who I feel deserve some recognition for what they've done with their online worlds... but yes, I do feel it should be something where we ALL feel they deserve recognition. Hence the vote from you all I guess...

I will agree that the best overall blog is something I should have added though. Complete oversight on my behalf in developing all this. Perhaps something for next year, or maybe even prior to as a part 2 to the awards, we'll see.

Oh, as for the winners last year, they just had over a year of free promotion and already much beloved prior to that. I felt it was best to give others a chance... and in fact, one of the 2 actually asked me not to include them for that reason. Just so ya know. :)

Anyway, enough ranting for today. Thanks for stopping by. If you ever have any feedback at all to share, I'm always open to it. As this all continues to develop, we have so many places we could go with it so fire away on ideas!

Best wishes!

Barry C. Parsons said...

I by no means meant that you chose the nominees indiscriminately, I meant arbitrarily in the "subject to individual will or judgment" sense of the word. These nominees are chosen by you as a single arbiter of merit. What qualifies one person to be that arbiter?

I disagree with your stance on not making it a popularity contest. A popular blog is popular for a reason and that reason is generally excellence. If these awards do not celebrate the true best, I do not see a point in them.

I see nothing wrong with having a deserving blog being recognized as "Best NL Photo Blog, three years in a row" for example. IMHO such a designation would encourage excellence by future contenders to the title; in short I believe that would add to the credibility of the award.

I stand by my opinion that it is the blog readers who should decide the nominees and then if past winners, like John and Karen want to humbly bow out, that is of course, their choice but at least they will have been recognized by a credible nomination process.

I agree with you however that the awards can be a platform to discover less well known blogs. I think this could be accomplished in 2 ways; by a "Best New Blog" award and for those you believe deserve the attention of readers, pick 10 "almost undiscovered" blogs for a special Editor's Choice Award.

All of these suggestions would make for a more credible NL Bloggers Choice Awards.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey Barry, thanks for all your suggestions. I'll be sure to take them all into account as I continue to develop things around here. Having said that, I want to reiterate that this is not really a 'Best of' kind of awards. This is more like a peoples choice awards.

And again, this is all in the development phase still and I'd like to point out that in the transition to this style of awards this year (beyond it being just about the Blog of the Week selections that year) I made a clear choice to ensure I took more consideration for those blogger's listed here for many years. I added nearly 150 new blogs this year after all and didn't think it fair to give these folks as much weight as the long standing members. Not this year anyway.

As I said, this is all developing as fast as one person's time can allow. All your suggestions are great and perhaps in the future we'll go somewhere in that direction. For this year though, I'm just going to enjoy how far everything has come to date. I'm excited to get counting the vote!

Shannon Reardon said...

I think as Stephen has worked tirelessly on the Blog Roll for years now, being the creator and the person who keeps it thriving, he certainly has every right and it is very much his place to be the arbiter of who got the nods this time round. Just my two cents.

Shannon Reardon said...

Last comment, I think these awards are wholly credible. Of course, things can be improved upon for next year, and that goes for the awards and for the process in determining nominees and the like, and of course for our individual blogs.

Thank you for all your hard work, Stephen, and for the nod in the Politics/Commentary category.


Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks for stopping by with some comments Shannon and the kind words. The work I put in around here is all my pleasure. This community is awesome afterall.

As for the awards, of course they can be approved apon and will! With an extra 150 blogs to scan through next year for the awards, I'm not taking on the task of chosin myself! Not a chance. It was tough enough as it was. :)

When this is all done for the year I'm going to try and get a converstaion flowing between us all on how else things can be improved apon. But first, let's get through this years awards.

Get out and vote! :)