Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogger's Choice Awards Set to Launch Sept 15th

We're finally ready to launch the 2011 NL Blogger's Choice awards! As noted on this recent post in the Awards section, things will kick off very soon; this coming Thursday, September 15th!

Here's a run down of how things will work:
  • NOMINEES: Each category listed to the right has 3 blogs carefully selected based on many elements; design, content, frequency of posting and longevity on the list to name a few. The decision was solely at the discretion of the organizer of this list (for this first year anyway).
    • Early that day 10 posts will be made in the Blogger's Choice section, each listing the 3 nominees per category and will remain active for 2 weeks (well, 15 days) until the end of September. All one will have to do to vote is reply to the thread with their choice and that's it. 
  • TO VOTE: All one must do is reply to the voting thread listing their choice(s). It'll be as simple as that. There is one slight addition however; certain value is applied to the type of blogger who replies:
      • NOTE: We are limiting the amount anyone can vote for any blog to be daily.
    • Anonymous voters will be worth 1 point. They can't be ignored, but shouldn't be overvalued (and flood control will be applied just for good measure).
    • Logged / linked in voters will be worth 5 points, as to me the non-anonymity of these votes are worth more.
    • Votes from fellow NL Blogger's currently listed on the roll will be worth 10 grand points. These are our true peers after all and adding this interactivity will only be a bonus in the end.
  • WINNER: The winner of each category will gain a tonne of free promotion, for a full year, within this site and the network it extends into. From promotional posts and badges on each category page, I have plenty of ideas up my sleeve for over the next year. I wish I could announce grand prizes of extreme extravagance, but these gifts of free promotion should not be undervalued I suppose. That's what any blogger wants right; traffic?  
And with that, all that remains to do now is wait. Just a short wait however; 5 days. Just 5 days...

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