Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troubles Voting?

It's been reported in a couple of places as of late that some are having issues voting in some of the threads, some of the time. One such heads up came from fellow BlogRoll member Viewpoint who not only posted a comment (in this thread) about the issue, but also conducted some research into it as well. From what has been learned, not much can be done if it is happening to you, so it seems. I am looking into options or tips in the meantime...

I am curious to know how widespread the issue is though. Have many experienced any troubles attempting to post a vote on the voting  page? Please let me know if so!


Janet Davis said...

I found that downloading and using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer fixed all my posting and blogging issues.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I'm a Chrome user myself and have very little issues anywhere using it. It could very well be an IE thing sure, who knows!?

Thanks for posting!