Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Days and Counting

If you have yet to do so, before you do anything else, 
GO HERE to VOTE for your choice NL Blogger!

As of right now there are 2338 votes in the poll and 278 comments posted in the vote thread.  Wowzers!

In other news, the wonderful Angela Antle provided me with a link to the podcast of our chit chat we had the other day regarding the Blogroll, which was aired on Sunday morning during CBC's Weekend Arts Magazine.  You should all go check it out.  Don't laugh at me though!

AND I'm sure if anyone caught it, but a wonderful article by Kerri Breen was published in The Telegram today.  It was very lovely meeting Kerri and just wanna take this time to say thanks a billion!

Oh and I almost forgot (because I'm not used to such early mornings) I was on the Morning Show with Jeff Gilhooly today as well.  Thanks Jeff and everyone over at CBC Radio.

All in all, this is fantastic promotion for all the blogs here and blogging in Newfoundland, generally speaking.  Thanks to everyone for participating so fully that this much attention was made aware of us.  It's all very overwhelming at this point...

But there are still 5 days and counting, so as I end this, please remember to GO VOTE!


nadinebc said...

Hi Stepehn, I blogged about the podcast today as well. Thanks again. I would also like to link to the article you mentioned but cannot find it. What is it called?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

'Local Blogs Battle for Glory'.

I tried finding it online today as well, but to no avail. Ah well, such is life...

Karen said...

I have an online subscription to the Telegram, here is the text of the article.

Local blogs battle for glory

Four years after he created the Newfoundland and Labrador BlogRoll — a hub for local blogs — Stephen Harris is running this province’s first blog awards.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Bloggers’ Choice award contest features 24 of the site’s past blogs of the week.

Harris chose the long list from BlogRoll’s roughly 175 regularly updated blogs that have a strong local connection. The list is diverse — a word Harris also uses to describe the large local blogging community.

“Newfoundland bloggers are particularly interesting,” he said.

Many blogs are tightly focused, such as a blog on Newfoundland recipes, running or St. John’s real estate.

Some of the nominated blogs are political, others are more like personal journals.

Even visually, it’s a mixed bag. Some bloggers post breathtaking shots of local landscapes, while other nominees put forth their creative and critical best in slabs of black text on a plain background.

Harris, a blogger himself, says he especially likes blogs that promote Newfoundland and Labrador or speak of it openly, he said.

“I like the connection with fellow bloggers, and reading about their experiences in this great province.” As of press time, more than 1,100 votes had been cast on BlogRoll’s website since the contest opened Jan. 3.
Harris didn’t anticipate such a response.

“I, in no way, expected this kind of exposure,” he said, adding that many bloggers have asked to be added to BlogRoll since the contest began. Those added receive a blurb of web code to add to their pages that appears as a sidebar with links to all the other local blogs in the order of those most recently updated.

It’s a way of connecting local blogs — as someone stumbles upon one blog, he or she can easily access more local content.

Voting takes place on, and if users add comments in support of their favourites, it counts as two points instead of one.

The prize is free advertising on the BlogRoll page for a few months.

“It’s important ( for bloggers) to advertise on other blogs, so I figured the best way I can give back ... would be free advertising,” Harris said.

When the polls close Jan. 17, the two blogs with the highest scores will be named the winners.

But the contest doesn’t stop there. Harris, a data manager by day, wants to name a new winner with every 10 blogs of the week he profiles.

nadinebc said...

I think you have to be a subscriber.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks Karen!

Anonymous said...

Karen's pictures are breathtaking!!! Bitstop has my vote!!

Suzette said...

John Gushue's Blog! It is interesting!

Penny said...

#6 is my vote today

Anonymous said...

Great stuff #6

Eleanor in WA said...

John Gushue is my vote

Don Rendick said...

an everyday must read John Gushue

Anonymous said...

Check it out everyday....#6

Anonymous said...

Bitstop is a beautiful, breathtaking blog. It has my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Love Bitstopes pictures. they brought some family memebers to visit NF last fall.