Saturday, January 02, 2010

NL Bloggers Choice Award

PLEASE NOTE: The NL BlogRoll site is currently under a revamping stage.  One major element which will be revamped is the Bloggers Choice award that is discussed below.  Details on such changes will come in 2011, but if you are curious feel free to read how it was done in the past.

The newest initiative to hit the Newfoundland and Labrador BlogRoll is the 'NL Bloggers Choice Award', which quite simply is a blog most voted upon by fellow blog owners and other visitors to our hub here. It's sort of like a people's choice award that happens every couple of months. The imitative stated in January 2010 and will continue for however long I and/or this blog survives.

Here's how it works:

Every TEN 'Blog of the Weeks' will be listed and available for visitors to vote apon for one full week. Voting can occur in two ways. First, by way of a simple poll which will be located in the sidebar and secondly (and perhaps most importantly) by way of comments added in the voting post. I'll be adding a higher weight to votes cast by way of comments (a 2 for 1 ratio) to help entice voters to share reasons why they voted the way they did.

SO, for example, if Blog A gets 10 votes in the poll but Blog B gets 6 comments in the thread, Blog B will be rewarded the NL Bloggers Choice award.

The Award:

The choice blogger will be rewarded with some free advertising here on the NL BlogRoll Blog. This will be by way of a 125by125 clickable snapshot (or pic of your choice) hosted on the site for at least 2 and a half months (which is the time it takes for 10 blogs to be featured). 

As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


Bill said...

always top drawer for this fine writer. John Gushue... is the man.

Anonymous said...

Bitstop is a great photographer!!!

Peter J. Hillier, CD, CISSP said...

Why is the blog still live? It was supposed to close last night!

Peter J. Hillier, CD, CISSP said...

Why is the Bloogers Choice Award poll still alive when it was supposed to close last night?

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Don't worry, no votes cast after closing time last night will count. I took a screenshot of the poll at that time. I just did not want to mess around with the design of the blog to remove the poll until today.

Sorry about the confusion. Stay tuned for the winners in just one min.