Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Days Remain

As per normal as of late, if you have yet to do so, before you do anything else, 
GO HERE to VOTE for your choice NL Blogger!

With only 2 days remaining for the vote process, we now have 3916 votes in the poll and 471 comments in the vote thread.  The turnout continues to impress the heck out of me and what's best is that it's not over yet.  Lots of votes can come in just over 48 hours, so keep the votes comin'!

In other news...
For those waiting to be added to the list (or have something updated), please be patient.  I'll be getting to that next week, among a few other things I'd like to knock off my To-Do list.

Related to that, if anyone knows anyone who owns a blog that is not on this list, that SHOULD be on this list, please have them contact me so that they're included.  Our family here can never be too big, so be sure to pass the link on.

Not much else to share beyond that right now, but please remember  to GO VOTE for your favorite NL Blogger!

1 comment:

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