Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog of the Week : 01/24 - 01/30 2010

After a long hiatus from posting here, followed by a crazy two weeks of voting for the NL Bloggers Choice award, The 'Blog of the Week' returns for round 2 of the newest of initiatives.  So, without further delay the blog of choice for the week of Jan 24th to Jan 30th 2010 is 'A Wicked Scoff'.   Besides the "recipes, photographs, anecdotes, reviews and other insights on everything food related" that this blog brings, what's equally delightful to me is that the blog owner is giving us a Newfoundlanders perspective as he lives in New England, USA.  The blog itself is self described as a "fusion of both Newfoundland and New England perspectives of the culinary world" and for that, it's a must visit for any food lover... and who isn't right?  So get going... unless of course you're on some sort of New Year's Diet.  Then, I'd probably stay away. :)

Click the pic to check it out! 

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Tim Rast said...

Great Choice!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks for stopping by Tim. I fully agree. Great blog to kick this whole thing off again!