Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winner is...

After a whirlwind of a couple of weeks for myself and this blog which followed a response that completely blindsided me, this day came pretty quick. It seems like the contest just started, but now the votes have been cast and counted for our first ever NL Bloggers Choice award.  It's now the moment we've all been waiting for; Announcing the winners!  Let's get right to it shall we?

As you may have read, there are 2 winners for this award with those being the top 2 blogs out of the 24 listed with the most votes (by way of a Poll worth 1 point and Comments worth 2).  The two winners this time around did a brilliant job at getting out the vote and truly commanded the lead in votes by doing so.  In the end though, there is only one top winner and for this round, nobody got out a vote like John Gushue did.  With that, his blog is declared the first place choice NL Blogger.

NL Bloggers Choice Award - Top Winner
2722 Points

NL Bloggers Choice Award - 2nd Place Winner
1774 Points

Congratulations to both of you.  It is well deserved!

Besides the 2 winners, I'd like to share some love to the 5 blogs who were runners up in the contest.  They are as listed below.  Please take the time to visit and say hello.

This was all very exciting folks.  I have a recap of everything this week and also a couple of annoucements on some changes that'll come to the contest for the next round.   For now, please take the time to not only the 2 wonderful winners and the 5 runners up but also all the blogs on the NL BlogRoll.  It's a wonderful ride.  Trust me.

Until next time, congratulations to all once again!


scott said...

congrats John!

Tim Rast said...


And thanks Stephen for putting so much work into this contest and the blogroll!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It's my absolute pleasure Tim. I hope we can keep this momentum rolling. Be sure to tune in at least weekly for the Blog of Week, which returns one week from today!

Best wishes to all.